Don’t Fence Me In

Three hundred days of sunshine a year. A 70 degree day that gives way to tomorrow’s blizzard. Cool nights. Blue skies.  Dappling clouds across the horizon.


You can see Pikes Peak from a lot of El Paso County. But what’s terribly unusual is having the room to roam and enjoy all of the out of doors. Even though collectively we benefit from one of the best climates in the United States, we often are fenced in and contained.


Wide-Open Spaces looks like five acres. Wide-Open Spaces looks like a half acre already fenced in and irrigated. Wide-Open Spaces looks like a garden plot, a play area and a bonus patio.


Wide-Open Spaces looks like a synthetic undermount-secured deck that’s covered. Wide-Open Spaces looks like not one, but two natural gas lines for your grill and fireplace.


Wide-Open Spaces looks like a bonus shed for your tractor. A cattle gate for your kin. A rustic, friendly-weathered greeting to the world’s arrival at your door.


Wide-Open Spaces looks like Pikes Peak at dawn. Pikes Peak at sun’s set. Wide-Open Spaces. Your Room to Breathe.


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